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Kaikoura A & P Assn  105th Kaikoura A & P Community Show 2017   Schedule    Photos  Results 
Kangaroo Valley A & H Society Inc.  Kangaroo Valley Show - 2017  16-17 February 2018 Schedule      Results 
Kiama Show Soc Inc  Kiama Show  26-27 January 2018 Schedule      Results 
Killarney Show and Rodeo Society Inc  Killarney Show  24-25 February 2017 Schedule       
Kununurra Agricultural Society  Kununurra Agricultural Show  14-15 July 2017        
Lake County A & P Association  Lake County Show  13 January 2018 Schedule       
Mackenzie County A & P Society  Mackenzie Highland A & P Show  Easter Monday 17th April 2017 Schedule    Photos  Results 
Maleny Show Society Inc  Maleny Agricultural Show  02-03 June 2017        
Malvern A & P Association Malvern Show
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 25th March 2017     Photos   
Marlborough A & P Association  Marlborough Show  10-11 November 2017 Schedule      Results 
Mayfield A & P Show Mayfield A & P Show
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 11th March 2017     Photos   
Methven A & P Association Methven A & P Show 2017
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 18th March, 2017     Photos   
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 SATURDAY 11TH FEBRUARY 2017 Schedule      Results 
Milton Show Society Inc.  Milton Show Society - 2017 Show  Fri 3rd & Sat 4th March 2017 Schedule    Photos  Results 
Motueka A & P Association  MOTUEKA Annual Show  2-3 December 2017 Schedule      Results 
Mt Benger A & P Society  Mt Benger Show  23-24 February 2018 Schedule      Results 
Mullumbimby Agricultural Show Society Inc  Mullumbimby Agricultural Show  11-12 November, 2017 Schedule       
Murgon Pastoral, Agricultural and Hortic  Murgon Show  18 March 2017        
Nelson A & P Association  Nelson Show  25-26 November 2017 Schedule      Results 
North Coast National A & I Society Inc  North Coast National Exhibition  19-21 October 2017 Schedule       
North Otago A & P  North Otago A & P 2017  24 February & 25 February 2017 Schedule      Results 
Northern A & P Association  Northern A & P Show 2016  20-21 October 2017 Schedule    Photos  Results 
Nowra Show Soc Inc  Nowra Show  09-10 February 2018       Results 
Original Software Ltd  Have-a-Go Show  1st March 2019 Schedule      Results 
Otago Taieri A & P Society  Otago Taieri A & P Society Annual Show  27th, 28th January 2018 Schedule    Photos  Results 
Oxford A & P Association  2017 OXFORD A & P SHOW  Saturday 1 April 2017 Schedule    Photos  Results 
Pamerston Waihemo A & P Association  Palmerston & Waihemo A & P Show  3rd & 4th of Febuary 2018 Schedule       
Pittsworth Show Society  Pittsworth Show  10-11 March 2017        
Rangiora A&P  Rangiora A&P Show  20-21 October 2017        
RAS Queensland  Heritage Bank Toowoomba Royal Show  30th-31st March,1st April 2017 Schedule       
Rockhampton Agricultural & Citizens Show Society I  Rockhampton Agricultural Show 2017  14 - 16 June 2017 Schedule       
Royal Geelong A & P Society Inc. Royal Geelong Show
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 19-22 October 2017        
South Otago A & P Society  South Otago A & P Show  24-25th November, 2017 Schedule    Photos  Results 
South Westland A & P Association  South Westland Show  Saturday 25th February 2017        
Southern Canterbury A & P  Southern Canterbury A & P  25 - 26 November 2017 Schedule      Results 
Southland A & P Association  SBS Bank Southland A & P Show  4th March 2017 Schedule    Photos  Results 
St George Pastoral & Agricultural Assn Inc  St George Show  07 May 2017 Schedule       
Strath Taieri A & P Association  Strath Taieri Show  4th March 2017 Schedule      Results 
Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show Society  Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show  June 16, 17, 18 2017 Schedule       
Taroom Show Society Inc  Taroom Show  01-02 May 2017